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Indian Customers Visiting Yomi Factory

Last weekend, Indian customers visited our factory to see the pipe cutting machine and Beams cutting machine.

About two months ago, They purchased 5 sets of metal plate cutting machines from our factory, including 2 gantry CNC plasma cutting machines and 3 sets of portable plasma cutting machines. Our after sales installation and training satisfy them with professional technology and responsible attitude. Therefore, they plan to purchase pipes and profiles cutting machines from us. The following photo is from customer.

                                         (Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine)

This time, customers visited our workshop, asking many technical problems and cuttingprocess of the machines. They also watched the cutting demonstration. Machine quality and professional technology win high praise from customers.

As the overall solution provider of pipe profiles, Yomi always adheres to the best quality and wins the recognition of customers with advanced technology and excellent quality.

Now Yomi is committed to creating a one-stop supply chain, to provide welding and cutting users with high quality and high efficiency production line. Supplying customers quality products and services will always be our No.1 Goal.

If you are interested, we warmly welcome you to be our partners.

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