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Yomi Overseas warehouse - Intelligent Industrial Service Provider.

Yomi Overseas warehouse is a one-stop overseas warehousing service platform jointly built by China's high quality supplier of welding and cutting industry. It is the first welding and cutting product exhibition module in China, which provides the whole solution of welding and cutting equipment, consumables and welding cutting subdivision. With the core of "making China's high quality welding and cutting products out" , it integrates the industry advantageous cutting and welding products to open the door of the export of Chinese welding and cutting products.

Yomi Overseas warehouses are mainly used for pipe prefabrication, power towers, steel structures, pressure vessels and other industries. With the aim of serving the world intelligent industry, we strive to solve problems such as slicing, group alignment, welding, welding and cutting.

Cooperate and win. The establishment of Yomi overseas warehouse marks the progress and development of China's welding and cutting industry. Through the form of alliance of manufacturers, it helps SMEs to go out and start from "small but fine", and create intelligent industrial service brand.

Adhering  to the business philosophy of "industry demand as the purpose and professional service as the leading", Yomi overseas warehouse takes the strategic route of "joining the chain and global distribution", and carries out various strategic blueprints in the world, such as direct operation, joining, cooperation, and interlocking. In the future, a number of warehousing and after-sales service bases will be built around the world to serve the global intelligent industry.


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